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Experience the power of Quik – an automated, video-enhanced solution that accelerates approvals, minimizes wait times, and fosters unparalleled customer engagement.

The Results

Quik is simple yet powerful, enabling technicians to share their expertise through personalized inspection videos. Quik is the easiest and fastest way to “turbo-charge” your shop
Here's How it Works:
1. Technicians create a 2-3 minute video after the inspection
2. Customers sees the video in seconds
3. Customers approve more recommendations, and approve them faster.
The video builds customer trust, as customers ‘see’ the needed repairs and hear directly from the technician - right on their phone.  
Quik App runs on any device - IOS or Android fully integrated with Decisiv and CDK

The results:

Customer Approvals
Customer Approval Rates
Parts Sales
Labor Sales
Dwell Time

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Technology that MOVES your business forward

Quik offers a suite of automated solutions that together transform the operational efficiency and profitability of commercial truck service centers. From real-time communication and flexible workflows to cutting-edge features like technician videos, digital MPIs, and seamless DMS integration, Quik revolutionizes the way commercial trucking repair centers do business. Discover more of Quik's efficiency creating features below.

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"It's been a major benefit to me.
I'm getting approvals quicker...It gives us a better relationship from a technician to a customer.
We physically show them and they can also contact us if they have questions. Give it a shot. It's good for the technician and good for the company."
Knoxville TN
Heavy Truck Diesel Technician

Quik Way

Quik enables a faster process, speeding up approvals and saving your team time.  Below shows two process flows – a typical process and an accelerated process with Quik. This accelerated process is enabled for all menu-priced items, where the parts are labor are pre-defined in Quik, allowing these routine repairs to bypass the parts team and the advisor.

Typical process

45 - 60 minute process

The Quik Time Difference

An average 7-minute turnaround time from quote to customer approval for menu-priced items

VIP Support

We understand the importance of support in your journey to success, which is why we offer VIP support to all our users. With just one click from Quik's dashboard, you have direct chat access to live support reps, with an impressive 1.5 minute response time. We make it efficient for users to get their questions answered and issues handled quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the DMS integration process work?

Quik has certified integration with all major DMS systems.  This enables your Repair Orders (ROs), customers, and vehicle information to seamlessly and quickly arrive in Quik.  Then you can create videos, estimates, and MPIs in Quik and have them immediately sent to your customers.  If you have optional DMS Parts Integration and Writeback, approved repairs will automatically transfer the parts and labor directly onto the RO in the DMS.

Is Quik compatible with existing systems like our scheduler?

Quik is compatible with all leading schedulers, as Quik DMS integration enables your Repair Orders (ROs), customers, and vehicle information to seamlessly and quickly arrive in Quik.

What are the Training Requirements?

Quik has industry-leading training to ensure your team is ready to seize the opportunity enabled by Quik.  All of our trainers have years of fixed ops/after sales experience, and spend the time needed with each member of your team.  It’s common training to be 3-5 days onsite, which is how long it takes to gain buy-in, teach your team, and solidify the processes.

How cost effective is Quik?

The first day Quik is installed pays for the entire month, with rare exceptions.  Quik ensures your customers see and understand all of the recommended repairs, making it easy for them to make informed decisions to approve the work.

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