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The Results

Quik is the easiest and fastest way to “turbo-charge” your service drive with the results you are looking for, we call this The QuikTime Difference.

Quik Automates
Of Tasks & Customer Communication
Customer Approvals
As Fast As
33 Seconds
Technician Recommendations
Average Approval Increase
Customer Approvals
6 minutes
Average Approval Time
"When we switched to Quik and started recording videos, we saw a 40% increase in customer gross pay in the very first month and never turned back from it."
Todd Ellis
Emich Volkswagen
Service Manager
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The Path to Profitability is much quicker through efficiency

There are key proprietary automated elements engineered throughout the Quik platform to ensure each feature maximizes efficiency. Here are a few examples:

With Quik, our priority is to have the customer approve recommendations before the tech drops the car off of the lift. This is the key to increased productivity. Our studies have found that technicians spend, on average, about 6 hours per week taking cars off their lift and parking them outside while they wait for an answer the recommendations. With Quik our average turnaround time is less than 6 minutes from when the tech sends the video estimate to when the customer approves the work on their phone. The results are immediate and everyone wins!

Quik supports the parts department by automating menu pricing, eliminating the need for parts consultants to price fast moving parts all day. This gives them their time back to work on those large warranty estimates that are complex, or other high department priorities.

With Quik, we help your employees be more efficient. With select DMS’s we are fully integrated into parts so your parts departments can rest assured the parts data is pulled from the system automatically, eliminating the need for double entry. For the advisors Quik has the ability, via Fortellis, to add lines to the DMS when the customer approves the recommendations on their mobile devices, drastically accelerating the repair process.

Customers trust Technicians, thats why at Quik the Technicians deliver information to customers directly. This is critical to ensure all of the recommendations are shown, the customer understands the information presented, and estimates are delivered immediately. These video estimates are sent by technicians via their mobile devices, to the customer.

With Quik instant customer approvals are now a reality, eliminating the traditional phone tag or advisor visits to the customer lounge. We empower customers by providing all of the information so they can approve the recommendations from their mobile device and get their vehicle serviced completed quickly.

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"Since we started using Quik video our shop hours have increased as we are able to show our clients what their Porsche needs - it’s like having them in the shop to show and tell. Also being able to send a follow up video is a great feature to show our clients the completed work after we are done."
Danbury Porsche
Jeffrey Bobbins
Service Director

Our Commitment to VIP Support

We understand the importance of support in your journey to success with implementing new technology, which is why we offer VIP support to all our Dealerships . With just one click from Quik's dashboard, you have direct chat access to live support reps, with an impressive 1.5 minute response time. We make it efficient for users to get their questions answered and issues handled quickly.

Reviews from our Dealerships

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Real Talk .

"In these times of social media, Quik is an essential tool to the Automotive industry. The direct connection to the customer makes repairs immediately visible giving them a more secure and trustworthy environment when making a decision. Gone are the days of “that will be $1,200, but what am I paying for.”

Real Results.

"In our first full month on Quik we have increased our customer pay labor sales 26.7%, and labor gross is up 30.5%. Another good side effect we have noticed is our coupon expense has shrunk significantly as well. I can’t wait to see how many more record-breaking months we will have with the help of the Quik system!”

Quik Way

Quik enables a faster process, speeding up approvals and saving your team time.  Below shows two process flows – a typical process and an accelerated process with Quik. This accelerated process is enabled for all menu-priced items, where the parts are labor are pre-defined in Quik, allowing these routine repairs to bypass the parts team and the advisor.

Typical process

45 - 60 minute process

The Quik Time Difference

An average 7-minute turnaround time from quote to customer approval for menu-priced items

Quik Integration

At Quik, we believe in seamless integration. Our innovative technology offers real-time, flexible workflows that dynamically adapt to meet your unique needs. Our platform has been designed to effortlessly merge with your existing DMS systems and 3rd party vendors,  to maximize efficiency.
Integration Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the DMS integration process work?

Quik has certified integration with all major DMS systems.  This enables your Repair Orders (ROs), customers, and vehicle information to seamlessly and quickly arrive in Quik.  Then you can create videos, estimates, and MPIs in Quik and have them immediately sent to your customers.  If you have optional DMS Parts Integration and Writeback, approved repairs will automatically transfer the parts and labor directly onto the RO in the DMS.

Is Quik compatible with existing systems like our scheduler?

Quik is compatible with all leading schedulers, as Quik DMS integration enables your Repair Orders (ROs), customers, and vehicle information to seamlessly and quickly arrive in Quik.

What are the Training Requirements?

Quik has industry-leading training to ensure your team is ready to seize the opportunity enabled by Quik.  All of our trainers have years of fixed ops/after sales experience, and spend the time needed with each member of your team.  It’s common training to be 3-5 days onsite, which is how long it takes to gain buy-in, teach your team, and solidify the processes.

How cost effective is Quik?

The first day Quik is installed pays for the entire month, with rare exceptions.  Quik ensures your customers see and understand all of the recommended repairs, making it easy for them to make informed decisions to approve the work.

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